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  1. In-depth Excel, Financial Modelling, Power BI, Python & R Training

    Our Corporate/Professional training is unlike other trainers’. We don’t do fixed outlines and force you (or your team) to learn things they won’t need. We work with you (or your team) to develop an outline that will immediately improve productivity and focus exclusively on your business needs. Register for our next Excel training. Limited slots.
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  2. Custom Applications

    In business, speed and accuracy makes all the difference. And that’s what we get you by automating as many processes as possible for you. We eliminate human errors, and get you a powerful tool that is just a mouse click away. You never have to wait for what you need to make great business decisions and plan ahead. We provide you tools that put your business strategy skills on steroids. View our detailed brochure
  3. Data Analysis Outsourcing

    If your business depends on things done right always and on time. And as many as 10 ad-hoc reports are required in a day; professionally made reports that are easy to read and act upon. We are who you need. Reliable and professional business data analysis experts. Always on 24/7. View our detailed brochure


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Our Clients and Projects:

Having data is not enough but being able to bring it to life and let it guide you in making strategic business plans is what matters. And that is what we enable you to do.

We provide experience and business context rich Microsoft Excel training. We help automate some of your data driven business analysis, enabling you to focus more on improving your business operations rather than struggling with data/reports. And if you would rather have an expert build your reporting templates and empower your staff to look beyond the statistics to the business story behind the numbers, we are who you need. You can easily reach out to us by calling 01-631-1885 or emailing info@urbizedge.com

We help your company make the most of its operations data. We give your business the very edge it needs. We are UrBizEdge. We have the only official Microsoft Excel Most Valuable Professional in Nigeria, we are one of the only two internationally approved training provider for Financial Modelling certification by Financial Modelling Institute (FMI) in Nigeria and we have been recognized as one of the top 2% in the industry in Nigeria by The Top Executives (http://thetopexecutives.com) business publication for 2015.

We have consulted for companies and multinationals in all the major industries in Nigeria. With us you get the best and most focused experts working on what is most important to you -- your business success.

As a direct contractor/vendor, we have done projects and/or Excel training for Vodacom Nigeria, Green Energy International Limited, Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals Limited, Christian Aid UK Mission, Arik Air, Enyo Retails, Ikeja Electric, FCMB, Linkage Assurance, Diamond Bank, Polaris Bank, EatNGo (owners of Domino's Pizza and ColdStone Creamery), Kenna Partners, Flexenclosure, Helios Towers Nigeria Limited, GEISE, American Tower Corporation (ATC), Inlaks Computers, Laplace Technologies, Japan Tobacco International (Habanera Limited), Coretronic Global Services Limited, Oak Interlink Limited, Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI), Supermart.ng and Kentucky YMCA, USA

And as an indirect contractor (sub-contractor) we have done projects for MTN Nigeria, Total E&P, NNPC, Nigerian Breweries, Guinness Nigeria, Globacom, Nigerian Railway and International Energy Services Limited (IESL).

In our monthly business data analysis training sessions, we have had participants from SABMiller, Nestle, Airtel, Ministry of Finance, MTN, Biofem Pharmaeuticals, ManinOne, African Export–Import Bank, Emval Nigeria Limited, Nigerian Stock Exchange, FMDQ, Standard Chartered Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Ensure Insurance, Chevron Nigeria Limited, Diamond Bank, Shell Nigeria, Nigerian Breweries, Guinness Nigeria, DfID, Caritas, Transmission Company of Nigeria, NNPC, Lafarge, IBM, Avensat, Nahco Aviance, University of Benin, DDB Lagos, Eat'NGO (owners of Domino's Pizza and Coldstone Cremery in Nigeria), Green Energy International Limited, Christian Aid UK, and SaveTheChildren.

We are the leading Microsoft Excel, Financial Modelling, Power BI and Business Data Analysis firm in Nigeria.

You can register for our next special Excel training session at Next Excel Training Class, the next Financial Modelling training session Financial Modelling class, the Power BI training session at Power BI class, the Python training session at Python Training class, and the R training session at R Training class. You can also have our experts at your beck and call for a flat monthly rate by using our Data Analysis As A Service.

Download/read our Data Analysis Industry Report 2016 - Nigeria for your company use at Download the 2016 Report

Buy our Power BI for the Busy Professional book on Amazon and our Microsoft Excel and Business Data Analysis for The Busy Professional also on Amazon.

Every month we hold a webinar to show you the latest in the Microsoft Excel and BI world. You can register to get invite to the webinars via this link Register for our monthly webinar to boost your analytics skills

  1. Sales and Inventory Manager Software development for Coretronic Global Services Limited

    Coretronic Global Services Limited is the sole distributor of Celkon mobile phones in Nigeria. The Excel based sales and inventory manager automates a lot of their business processes.
  2. Dashboards and Business Process Automation MS Excel programs for Vodacom Nigeria

    Vodacom Nigeria is a leading B2B telecommunications and IT services provider in Nigeria. We have done several business process automation programs for them, helping them focus more on creating value for their customers.
  3. Custom Excel Training for Japan Tobacco International (JTI) Nigeria

    Japan Tobacco International is the second largest in its industry in Nigeria, a major competitor to British American Tobacco. We were chosen over Philips Consulting and other vendors to provide a custom Excel training.
  4. In-depth Excel and Business Data Analysis Training for Vodacom, Nigeria

    We were the vendor of choice to provide key staff with this in-depth training.
  5. Data Science Consultant, Neo-2 Limited -- MTN Market Research project

    We provided data analytics consulting for Neo-2 Limited on an MTN market research project. It involved sentiment analysis, big data, dashboards and analytics.
  6. Balanced Scorecard Dashboard for Inlaks Computers

    Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and management tool to align the company’s day-to-day activities with the long-term vision and goal of the company. It touches on every aspect of the company from the financial performance, organizational culture, internal business processes, customer service, to employee fit and growth. We are one of the very few companies in Nigeria with the expertise.
  7. Financial Modelling for Laplace Technologies

    The backbone of every company is their financial standing. Every company exists to grow shareholder (owners) value. A financial model is the globally accepted way of presenting a company and its value. We don't just build a financial model that meets IFRS specifications, we build one you will be willing to use and not struggle to use. We make it as easy to use and error-proof as possible for management staff that don't want a 20 page manual/documentation of how it works.
  8. Custom Excel Training for GfK Nigeria

    GfK is a leading market research company globally. We were chosen as vendor of choice to provide their Retail Department team from across the country an in-house Excel training.
  9. Power BI Training and Projects for Promasidor in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.

    Promasidor is one of the leading FMCG companies in Africa. We trained their finance and logistics team on the use of Power BI for organization-wide analytics and integrating with existing reports/databases.
  10. In-depth Excel and Business Data Analysis Training for Green Energy International Limited, Nigeria

    Green Energy International Limited is an upstream oil company and the operator of Otakikpo field in Rivers state. We were vendor of choice to train their core staff across Operations, Legal, HR, Admin, Procurement and Engineering department on better business reporting using Microsoft Excel.
  11. Microsoft Excel, Presentation and Business Writing training for Eat'NGo (owners of Domino's Pizza, PinkBerry & Coldstone Cremery)

    We were vendor of choice to provide this training for their management and key operations team.
  12. Investment Portfolio Risk/Return Model for a Canadian private wealth management firm

    We built a fully programmed risk and return management tool that directly connects to Bloomberg Terminal and pulls live data for modelling and estimating different return scenarios. The client uses it to manage its investment portfolios across USA, Europe, Asia and South America.