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Click the icon above to download our training calendar. Our corporate/professional training is unlike others. We have a flexible outline and will ensure you enjoy every step of the learning process. We work with you to create an outline that will boost productivity and is entirely tailored to you and your organization’s requirements.


We collaborate with other organizations involved in training to facilitate, on their behalf, skillsets that pertain to the courses offered at UrBizEdge Limited.


If your business depends on things being done right and on time. We also provide professionally made reports that are easy to read and act upon. We are who you need—reliable and professional business data analysis experts. Always on 24/7.

Featured Courses

In-Depth Microsoft Excel & Data Analytics

This training is aimed at making you extremely good in Microsoft Excel, dashboard making and business data analysis, teaching you with live business scenarios. It’s intended for Sales Managers, Financial Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, MIS Analysts, HR Executives and power Excel users.

In-Depth Power BI

We will be focusing on Business Intelligence and how to create BI reports that leverage participant’s current data analysis skills using Microsoft’s Power BI. Power BI enables organizations to have a wholesome understanding of what is happening at all operational levels of the company.​

Financial Modeling

We offer detailed financial modeling programs that seek to equip participants with practical knowledge and skills in modeling financial statements, enterprise valuation, M & A (Accretion/Dilution) using DCF enabled by Excel. With a hand-holding approach, participants will build models from scratch.


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UrBizEdge is truly different from the others

Learn from ‘Doers’

You will be taught by people who use these skills everyday for their jobs, not people with only the theoretical knowledge.

Personalized Teaching Style

We always limit the size of the class to ensure students have enough personal interaction with facilitators.

Ongoing Support

We don’t abandon you after the training. You will have access to an exclusive alumni community for ongoing support.

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