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Numerous skills and knowledge areas are covered during this assessment. This includes:

Data Analysis, Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Python and Microsoft Office Productivity.


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A z-score tells you .........

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If each tuple has the relation R within R, then this type of relation is called ............

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Status indicators are located on the ....................

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A BCNF relation is also known as ..........

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What is the short key to auto fill colour?

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What is the fundamental function to use to calculate the number of working days minus the custom weekends?

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Per user per dataset, the Power BI desktop has a storage capacity limit up to

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Which feature will provide you with the best of skewness of a sample?

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In descriptive statistics, we study .............

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Which of the following is not the original purpose of SQL

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What is the short key to editing a cell?

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If you want to perform a trend analysis of price data in a year, you can use the following excel functions:

Goal Seek

Forecast Sheet


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............ is the shortcut to create a chart from a selected range of data.

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.............. is the file format to save a worksheet as a template.

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What is the shortcut to save a sheet or file?

16 / 25 the formula that will result in a concatenated output as Urbizedge Limited.

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The cell reference of a range of cells that starts in B1 and goes over to column G and down to roll 10 is ............

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How can you print an embedded chart from an excel sheet?

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We can use the scenario manager dialogue box by choosing scenarios from the............. menu.

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Which of these is NOT a characteristic of an RDBMS?

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............ is the formula to use when you want to add two cells (A1 and A2) together.

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Considering relational database to be functional dependency, A and B is denoted by

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If you need to perform a data impose a certain formula on multiple tables/sheets. What operation can you perform so that you don't have to redo the procedure every time?

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What does SUMIF function do?

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What do the normal distribution and the exponential density function have in common?

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