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Common Excel Errors

Handling Common Errors in Excel

When working with Excel formulas, you would most likely have encountered errors at least once. Although seeing an error message can be annoying and a bit unclear, it is still better than silent errors that cause erroneous results.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through some of the most common Excel errors, explain what each one implies, and, most importantly, show you how to troubleshoot or fix the errors.

Error #1: ##### – The Hashtag Error

This has to be one of the most popular errors beginners face when working in Excel. It appears when a cell contains large numbers and can not be displayed because the cell size is not wide enough. 

It’s very easy to solve this error. You can simply expand the cell size. Alternatively, you can select the column to be adjusted and then select the format dropdown on the home Tab, then AutoFit Column Width.

Error #2: #NAME? 

You will most likely encounter this error when there is a typo in your formula like an “avrage” instead of an “AVERAGE” function.

Error #3: #DIV/0!

You may encounter this error when you attempt to divide a number by zero. Note that empty cells are also treated as zero in Excel.