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Power Query in Excel For Mac

Is there anything you have seen someone do in Excel and have always wondered how? How about Power Query in Excel For Mac

In this article, Micheal Olafusi gives us a sneak-peek into Power Query in Excel for Mac. 

Video: Power Query in Excel for Mac.

Requirements and availability
You would need to have Microsoft Excel installed and Consumer subscription licenses. At the moment this feature is a beta update. Do check this video so you can access it:  Office Insider for Mac – Setting up Beta Channel or Current Channel.

Power Query For Mac
We are all familiar with Power Query: the powerful and time-saving feature available on Excel and Power BI that has made gathering and analyzing data quicker and easy. Yes! We have all loved it since it was released as a downloadable COM add-in with Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. 

How it works

  •  Click on the Data Ribbon and click on Get Data (Power Query).
Power Query in Excel For Mac
  • Currently, we can only pull data from an Excel workbook and a Text/CSV file.
Power Query in Excel For Mac
  • Just like your Windows, you click on the Excel Workbook icon and then browse for the file; Pick a file and wait for it to load.
  • The navigator appears; A list of all available worksheets is showed along with a preview if you select any.
  • You can select the worksheet (s) you want to load
  • You can also only load at the moment, no transform or editor unlike in Windows and Power BI. As I mentioned earlier, it is still in its Beta stage and more development is in the pipeline.
Power Query in Excel For Mac

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