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Have you ever experienced the analyst’s block (kinda like writer’s block, when you just don’t know how to make the report you want)? Have you ever felt your report could be better?

Do you feel like you were not making the most of the data at your disposal? Like there is more you could be uncovering and tracking and reporting?

Do you need experts you can call on any day and at any time but won’t cost you an arm and leg? The good thing is that we have structured it flexibly so you can always get more value than the cost.

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We have created an industry first: DaaS (Data Analysis as a Service)

Maybe you have tried training. Perhaps you have attended our in-depth high value training class. You have our video learning materials, our book and our practice files. We hope you remember everything we taught you. However, things are changing. You are changing. Your work is changing. The industry is changing. Excel is changing. Power BI is changing. Everything is changing. You already have a demanding job and can’t be spending all day keeping abreast of what’s new and applicable to you as regards making the most of your data and reports. We are offering to be your secret weapon.

DaaS Structure

As simple and straightforward as ABC.


4 Flexi Plans. Non negotiable.
We already bill N100,000/day for one-on-one consulting (corporate clients rate is N250,000/day) and even when we are overpowered by the superior negotiating tactics of some of you, we only go as low as N70,000/day for individuals. And that is 8 hrs at a go which is never as effective as two separate 4 hrs, and way less than the 24 hrs spreadable over an entire month that we are offering you at N75,000/month and even less than N40,000/month when you take the year option.

Increase Your Business Productivity

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