Create Bins in Power BI

Power BI Bins are useful to create a range of data. It helps us group data points to more clearly view, analyze and explore data and trends in our reports on power bi desktop. In summary, Binning helps us to group data in equal sizes and visualized it in meaningful ways.

We will create a Table on our report to visually demonstrate Power BI Bins as you can see from the screenshot below, we created a simple Table by dragging the Product Keys and Sales Amount Columns.

 select the columns that you want to use as a bin, right-click to open the context menu on the column you would like to group. Select the New Group option from the menu.

Clicking the New Group option opens the following window.

Name: Specify the Power BI Bin name

Field: Field or Column that you used for binning

Group Type: List (group) or bin.

Bin Type: There are two option such as Size of Bins or Number of Bins

Min and Max Value: Minimum and maximum value present in the selected Fields. Here, is the Product Key.

If you selected the Bin Type as Size of Bins, then you must specify the Bin size (static Number) as seen below.

Bin Name and field is the column we want to group and in this tutorial, we will be making use of the product key.

The Min and Max Values present on the product key are 100 and 705

Create Bins in Power BI

Alternatively, if you selected the Bin Type as Number of Bins, then you have to specify the Bin count. Here, Bin size depends upon the Bin count.

Let me select the Bin size as 20 and click OK. It means each bucket size is 20

Create Bins in Power BI

Now you can see the newly created bin under the Product table.

Create Bins in Power BI

Let me add that bin to this table. From the below screenshot, you can see that the product Key value 100 is for the keys between 100 to 119.

Let me Edit the Power BI Bin, and change the Bin type to Number of Bins, and Bin count to 20

Create Bins in Power BI

The Table visual values are then grouped in Count of Bins and not Bin sizes.

Create Bins in Power BI

Now you can see, each bar in the column chart divided by or grouped by a bin of count 20 if expressed in column charts (Product Key Bins By Sale Amount)

Create Bins in Power BI

Hope you found this helpful!

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