Fully Online Delivered Financial Modelling, Financial Planning And DCF Valuation Training

Make the most of this lockdown and work-from-home situation, even get your HR to see this as a way of achieving their staff learning and development goals with a reduced budget and within the lockdown restriction.

Register at https://class.urbizedge.com/p/financial-modelling-financial-planning-and-dcf-valuation and other courses at https://class.urbizedge.com

This is a fully hands-on course that will take you from a blank Excel file to creating a robust, dynamic and fully automated financial model that can be used for a startup or an existing company.
It covers the following sections:

  • Financial Model template creation and Excel tips
  • Fleshing out a dedicated Model Input sheet to aggregate all the client’s plans
  • Creating scenarios — Optimistic, Conservative, Pessimistic — that will flow dynamically into the entire financial statements forecast
  • Creating the Revenue Schedule
  • Creating the Cost of Sales Schedule
  • Creating the Working Capital Schedule
  • Creating the Depreciation Schedule
  • Creating the Debt Schedule
  • Creating the Equity Schedule
  • Creating the Tax Schedule
  • Creating the Income Statement dynamically
  • Creating the Balance Sheet dynamically
  • Creating the Cashflow Sheet dynamically
  • Carrying out the DCF Valuation
  • Computing the Financial Ratios

The course is run by UrBizEdge Limited
UrBizEdge is a registered Microsoft Excel consultingfinancial modeling, business intelligence, data analysis, and enterprise solutions firm. We specialize in helping companies and high-value professionals are on top of their business data. We focus exclusively on the world’s most used and most flexible business intelligence tools. We have a 5x Microsoft Excel Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and we are an approved training provider for the AFM (Advanced Financial Modeler) certification by the global body, Financial Modeling Institute. Our team is the developers of the only Nigerian financial markets analysis tool on the Microsoft office store, the developers of the Nigerian stocks analysis dashboard, and the brains behind the Nigeria Market Data platform
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  1. Financial Modelling, Financial Planning and DCF Valuation
  2. Power BI and Dashboards for the Busy Professional
  3. Business Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel

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