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Excel’s Shortcuts

Is there anything you have seen someone do in Excel and have always wondered how? Excel’s Shortcuts?

Requirements and availability

 You would need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your laptop.

Excel’s Shortcuts

We all agree that shortcuts make our lives easier and productive across various software. Excel is no exception. Exploring the world of shortcuts will allow you to outsource functions like “copy and paste” with a mouse to using your unconscious mind. We can also agree that there are hundreds of shortcuts made available to us by Microsoft. On the upside, you don’t necessarily need to remember them all. 

In this article, I would list some of the most useful Microsoft Excel shortcuts for Windows to make your work easier, help you save time, and level up your Excel game now.

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  1. Ctrl + T: Insert Table

We often want a structured way to organize your data in your spreadsheets. Excel tables are like closets for your data. Tables tell Excel that these data are related. Without them, proximity will be the only thing that makes them related.

  1. Ctrl + Shift + L: Filter

It turns your filter on and off. It is a dual shortcut; So you apply it once to enable filters and apply it again to disable it.

  1. Ctrl + arrow keys: Just Scroll  and Ctrl + Shift + arrow key: Scroll & Select

It enables you to scroll to the last non-empty cell in the selected direction of a range in a column or row. However, use the Ctrl + Shift + arrow key to scroll through and select all of the cells in that range.

  1. Ctrl + Shift + 8 or Ctrl + A: Select all

It enables you to selects the Current Region (surrounded by blank rows and columns). You can also pick the entire column or row by pressing Ctrl + Space and Shift + Space, respectively.

  1. Ctrl + 1: Format cells and Chart Items

It displays the Format Cells dialog box.

  1. Ctrl + Alt + V: Paste special

It opens the Paste Special dialog. This Excel’s Shortcuts is a lot quicker than Home > Paste > Paste Special.

  1. F2: Edits Formula

It allows you to edit the active cell directly rather than double-clicking.

  1. F4: Absolute referencing and repeat your last action

We are familiar with absolute referencing. The F4 key is for toggling between relative, absolute, and mixed cell references while creating a formula. The F4 key also repeats the last command or action only done. When it comes to formatting, it can be handy.

  1. Ctrl + Shift + $ or Ctrl + Shift + # or Ctrl + Shift + %: Formatting

This applies different formatting on the cell. Ctrl + Shift + $  applies the currency formatting, Ctrl + Shift + # applies a date formatting while Ctrl + Shift + % applies a percentage formatting to the cell.

  1. Ctrl + Shift + Colon: Current time and Ctrl + Colon: Current Date

It quickly gives you the current date and time (at that very second).

There are a lot more shortcuts in excel. However, Excel graces us with the ALT key. It will show you all of the shortcuts that are accessible. If you press the ALT key, you will see that H stands for Home tab in the Excel ribbon. However, pressing ALT + H will bring up a list of additional shortcuts under the Home ribbon. It applies to the other shortcuts that appeared after you taped the ALT key.

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