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Visual Level Calculations: Making DAX Easier

Exciting news for Power BI users! Writing DAX just got easier with visual-level calculations! This feature helps to largely simplify DAX. Writing DAX can be quite challenging to most beginners; however, with this visual level calculation feature introduced, the fear of DAX would be a thing of the past.

To enable this new feature, make sure you are on the Latest 2024 edition of Power BI, then go to File > Options > Options and Settings > Preview Features > Visual Calculations. You will have to restart Power BI to enable this feature. Once you restart Power BI, you will notice a new icon in the calculations group on the Home tab “New Calculation”.

How it works

This feature only works with a visual and not the whole data model, so it may be greyed out if you don’t click on a visual. With visual calculations we can reference any data element within the visual itself be it columns, measures, or even other calculations.

Adding a visual calculation

To use the visual calculation feature, firstly you have to select a visual (a chart or a table you want to work with) and then select the new calculation icon in the Home ribbon. This will open the edit mode for the visual calculation.

Using the formula bar, you can add a DAX calculation. For example, the visual contains sales amount and profit by month, to determine the cost, we can add a visual calculation by simply typing in this: